Why "Fox and Collins"?

Hi! My name is Cat. I'm the "Being" behind Fox and Collins.  Let me tell you how the name Fox and Collins came about and why it matters (spoiler alert, it involves you!).

Fox and Collins are both streets I have lived on at some point in my life.  They represent not just the influences of the cities I was living in at the time, but also all the streets, 'hoods, "Sides" as well as all towns, cities, suburbs I have claimed as my own.  Let's extend that to the states, countries and yes, continents I have counted as home and that have influenced me, my development, my passions and understandings.  

With that said, F|C is also more than just an e-commerce shop.  My hope is that it becomes a community.... a community that reflects the amazing group of people and places I have been able to experience.  A community that shares, explores and creates together to make each other, and in turn this world, a better and more enjoyable place to be.  I hope when you hear the words Fox and Collins (or see F|C) that it immediately evokes a sense of well-being.  My goal, in fact, is to spread just that through products, services, courses and events.... the art of BEing, well.

Join me!

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